-How many ounces are in each bundle?  Each of our bundles are approximately 3.5 ounces.

 -How long does shipping take? Shipping/payment processing typically takes 7-14 business days (MON-FRI).

 -What is a business day? Monday- Friday

 -How many bundles do I need to order? Typically you need 2-3 bundles for a full head. Please keep in mind the that LONG LENGTHS EQUALS SHORT WEFTS. 

-Does your bundles shed? Minimal. Please refrain from cutting wefts as this will result in shedding. If cutting must be done please use a weft sealer.

 -What color are your bundles? Natural black to dark brown hues.

 -Can your bundles be dyed? Yes! Our hair can be dyed. Show them a little tlc and be sure to deep condition your bundles. Remember, like your own hair these bundles need moisture. For example, follow-up with a deep conditioning treatment.

 -What is your return policy?  If your are unhappy with your hair, please be sure to return the hair in its original packaging within 5 days of receiving the hair. We do not accept returns or exchanges of unbundled hair or hair that has been installed. For example, washed or uncoiled from original wave pattern, colored, curled, or straightened.